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Underground Gas Storages in China

  • Author: Ma Xinhua, Ding Guosheng et al.
  • Year of Publication: 2019 ;
  • Number of Pages: 544
  • ISBN: 9787518326006
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
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Looking back on the site selection, design and construction of the underground gas storagesin these years and with a reference to the development experience of developed countries inunderground gas storage, the authors deeply feel that China's future underground gas storageneeds are huge and the construction task is arduous. It is necessary to systematically summarizethe technology and achievements of China in gas storage construction in the past 20 years, andprovide a reference for China’s underground gas storage construction in the future, and betterpromote the development of China's underground gas storage. Based on this, the authors haveresearched a numerous domestic and foreign gas storage related literatures, gathered relevantmaterials and research results of the built underground gas storages in China, summed up thetechnical characteristics of different types of gas storages built, analysed the key areas in China forsite selection, discussed the scale of future underground gas storage construction as well as theoperation and management modes. Main contents of this book, after the summary and refinement,have been transformed into many good management experiences in underground gas storageconstruction. I hope this book could provide a reference and help for those engaging undergroundgas storage construction and want to know about China's underground gas storage.
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