Petroleum Science and Technology

Technical Principles of Drilling Fluids

  • Author: Huang Hanren
  • Year of Publication: 2016 ;
  • Number of Pages: 868
  • ISBN: 978-7-5183-0826-2
  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: Chinese
  • Binding: Paperback
  • PRICE: 225.00

Starting from the basic theories of drilling fluids, and properties and components of drilling mud, the book presents the knowledge related to drilling fluid technology systematically. The main content covers clay minerals and colloidal chemistry, drilling fluid interface chemistry, rheology, loss and wall building property of drilling fluid, drilling fluid properties and their test, material chemistry and additives of drilling fluid, water base, oil base and synthetic base drilling fluids, gas and foam type drilling fluids, reservoir drilling fluid, drilling fluid for horizontal wells and long displacement wells, high temperature resistant water base drilling fluid, wellbore stability and prevention and plugging of mud loss, drill pipe sticking and blowout, water base drilling fluid improving ROP, solid control, corrosion and prevention, processing of waste drilling fluid, and drilling fluid design for wells.

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