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etroleum Industry Press (PIP), founded in 1951 as an affiliate to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), is a publishing company dedicated to petroleum publications in China, covering the petroleum science and technology, higher education and professional training, petroleum periodicals/yearbooks, petroleum industry standards, and general books. In recent years, PIP has worked successfully in some new areas, such as digital publishing, energy finance, economic management, children's books, and English study. PIP is getting a growing influence in the publication industry.

PIP has excellent editing and publishing teams, world-leading publication printing and color printing systems, and top-level exhibition and advertising service systems. PIP delivers 4 million copies of publications in 2,000 kinds annually.
    • 1. In March 1951, the Fuel Industry Press, the predecessor of the Petroleum Industry Press, was established.

      2. In May 1951, the book Petroleum was published and it was the first book about petroleum since the founding of new China in 1949.

      3. In 1953, Petroleum Geology, the first domestic petroleum journal in China, was established and published.

      4. In January 1956, the Petroleum Industry Press was formally established.

      5. In the late 1950s, the first batch of the petroleum science and technology works in China was published, such as Gansu Petroleum Geology and The Paper Collection of the Continental Deposit Petroleum Generation and Petroleum Detection in China.

      6. From 1953 to 1960, the first batch of petroleum journals had been established and published since new China, including Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Industry Communications, Petroleum Exploration, Collected Translations on Petroleum Oil Refining, Local Oil Industry, News on Oil Industry Technology, etc.

    • From the beginning of 1960s to 1970s, the first round of petroleum textbooks for colleges and universities and secondary technical schools were systematically edited and published under the unified deployment of the state.

    • 1. From 1981 to 1985, a number of monographs on petroleum science and technology were systematically introduced from western developed countries. The introduction of new techniques and technology from the world promoted the knowledge update of petroleum science and technology staff and facilitated the technology upgrade of the oil industry, making the oil industry better adapt to the new situation of reform and opening up.
      2. In May 1988, the laser phototypesetting system and equipment were installed and staff training was completed. In early June, as the system was put into operation, the Petroleum Industry Press became the first batch of presses that applied the advanced laser phototypesetting technology.
    • 1. In 1990, a preliminary plan was developed for the system and mechanism reform of the Press. With the “profession-based and technology-oriented” spirit, the Press explored the development of social books, which ushered in the road of reform and development of the Press.

      2. In 1992, the output value of printing exceeded one million yuan.

      3. In June 1993, the topic selection and development team of the Press compiled and published the first society-oriented book, Guide for Futures Trading in China, and the sales volume reached 15 thousand copies.

      4. In 1994, the Press further promotes the reform and formulated the Overall Plan to Deepen the Reform of Petroleum Industry Press. In this reform, the enterprise-oriented management and business model in a comprehensive manner was introduced for the first time, opening up an enterprise-oriented development path for the It was a milestone in the development history of the Press and had a profound impact on the prosperity and development of petroleum science and technology press industry in the new century.

    • 1. In 2004, the output value of printing reached 10.54 million yuan, which exceeded 10 million for the first time. The sales revenue was up to 22.3 million yuan.

      2. In 2005, both the total fixed prices and the total revenues exceeded one hundred million yuan.

      3. In 2006, the Press established the Department of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation and vigorously implemented the “copyright trade strategy” and “resource strategy”, thus strengthening and promoting the foreign exchange& cooperation and the work of copyright trade.

    • 1. In 2008, under the common efforts of nearly a thousand oil experts, scholars and engineering and technical personnel, all the volumes of China Petroleum Exploration and Development Encyclopedia which last for 6 years were published. This book comprehensively, systematically and scientifically summarizes the knowledge, technology and theory of exploration and development in the petroleum industry, and fills the gaps in China’s petroleum encyclopedia publications. It is a landmark publication project.

      2. In October 2009, China Petroleum Exploration and Development Encyclopedia was presented as an excellent science and technology book by the Publishers Association of China for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

      3. In December 2009, the “Online Oil Digital Book Platform” of the Group was established.

      4. In 2009, both the total fixed prices and total income broke 200 million yuan.

      5. In 2010, the Press successively signed the copyright export agreements with Elsevier, a global well-known publisher, on two petroleum science and technology books: Advanced Well Completion Engineering and Theory and Method of Streamline Numerical Well Test Interpretation, ending the zero output of copyrights of petroleum science and technology books.

    • 1. In 2011, the “big exhibition big advertising” concept of the Press was proposed to create the oil culture media secondary school and cultural creative industry.

      In October 2011, China’s Oil and Gas Field Development History, as a large-scale history and annals project, which lasted 5 years from 2006, was finalized and published. More than 8,000 experts, scholars and engineering and technical staff from the national oil and gas development field participated in the preparation and revision. This book covers the history of the development and construction of all developed oil fields in China, as well as the basic information, which fills a gap in China’s oil development history.

      2. In 2012, China’s Oil and Gas Field Development History won the special award of the 22nd National Petroleum and Petrochemical Enterprise Management Modern Innovation.

      3. In 2012, China National Petroleum Corporation Yearbook won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the group.

    • 1. In 2015, the Press established a new idea of integration development of the traditional publishing and digital publishing, accelerated the pace of traditional publishing transformation and upgrading, and published three versions of the paid digital book product Oil Safety Encyclopedia, with the total fixed prices of 3.16 million yuan.

      2. In 2015, China Petroleum Exploration journal entered into the ranks of the Chinese core journals.

      The year of 2015 was the "reform and innovation year” of the Press, and in this year, we vigorously promoted the reform of institutions, institutional mechanisms and main businesses, promoted the integration development of traditional publishing and emerging publishing, and accelerated the transformation and upgrading.

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